Resistencia / Resistance

En conmemoración del Día Internacional de los Museos, tenemos el honor de presentar Resistencia, 32 videos creados para FemLink-Art. Desde el estreno de FemLink-Art (febrero de 2006), los «collages» han sido recibidos por más de 130 centros de arte, museos, galerías … de 43 países. El proyecto FL’Art no tiene precedentes, es único tanto en su alcance como en su longevidad. Cruzar las fronteras para romper las barreras de nacionalidad, raza y género está en el corazón de la iniciativa de FemLink-Art.
In commemoration of the International Museum Day, we have the honor to present Resistance, 32 videos created for FemLink-Art. Since the FemLink-Art’s premiere (February 2006) the «collages» have been welcome by more than 130 Art-Centers, Museum, Galleries… from 43 countries. FL’Art project is unprecedented, unique both in it’s scope and longevity. Crossing borders to breakdown barriers of nationality, race and gender is at the heart of FemLink-Art’s initiative.

FemLink-Art Collective:

For details and informations

Coordinator: Véronique Sapin

– 145 women video-artists from 64 countries

– 12 Video-Compositions = more than 300 videos (maximum duration of 2 min. for each video)

– The videos are created for FL’Art

– Curators : Veronique Sapin and C. M. Judge

– Since 2005

Videos information

1 – RESISTANCE, Maria Papacharalambous (Cyprus) There are two pillars in life: Eros and Death – and what is between them is the resistance to each other that makes life going on. Technical Support: Achilleas Kentonis. Music based on the «Self playing Violin». 1974 by Laurie Anderson; Production : ARTos Foundation

2 – CREATION, Rokhshad Nourdeh (Iran) In all conditions, Creation is still going on !

3 – RESIDUUM, Cagdas Kahriman (Turkey) A child resists to him still and he tries to say to us what words cant say. Credits: strong collaboration wiht Yaylagül Kahriman. The child: Ahmet Güleser

4 – THE «WE» GAME, Véronique Sapin (France) With Maxence, Adrien, Martin, Bley, Roger

5 – RESISTENCIA, Sabrina Montiel Soto (Venezuela) Between 2 walls, resistance is coming.

6 – AMOUR, Evgenija Demnievska (Serbia) The resistance of the «same» (prononciation of the foreign language words) makes the difference. With Annick Bigot and Kaname Onoyama. Computer help : Radisa Kostic

7 – IRRESISTIBLE, PrillaTania (Indonesia) I was inspired by Jeff Wall’s photography works, “Picture For Woman” which than I knew that the photo was inspired by Manet’s painting “A Bar at the Foties-Bergeres”. Both works done by male artist having female “object” in it. It is irresistible to do a resistance towards this fact. With Adiyasa Iskandar

8 – FLOODGATE, C.M. Judge (USA) As the floodgate opens we resist; but for how long ? Credits : the Man : Joseph Scannell

9 – STOP THE CLOCK, Nicoletta Stalder (Switzerland) It’s impossible to stop time, all resistence is in vain, – but who can resist to try ?

10 – THE CHAIR, Anna Malagrida (Spain) «The Chair» are looking the time in front the tv.

11 – A NICE MEN WHO RESIST, Yun Aiyoung (Korean) A man, the one who resists

12 – WEAVE, Alli Savolainen (Finland) People and fish weave among each other, their way through, pass by in the crowds, trying to avoid any collisions.

13 – BLOOD OF M, Esperanza Collado (Ireland) The polarities cancel each other out just as in fugue forward and backward collision to generate a new synthesis; “synch event harmony”. It is a score in which yin/yan collision of positive and negative single frames flicker to find the cinematic essence, the intervals. Resistance, force and temptation into one beat rhythm.

14 – QUANTUM VACUUM, Giuliana Cuneaz (Italy) a « sacred dance » between the organism and the magic system of life. Acteur Matthew Endicott – animation 3D Sergio Ricciardi – sound design Salvatore Ambrosino – post-production Metamorphosi (MI) contribution à la prodution Gas Art Gallery (TO)

15 – THE DANCE OF LOUISE, Rachida Azdaou (Algeria) Louise the red fish of Rachida durng the song ofl TAOUS AMROUCHE « The Unknown dancer ». Music Taous Amrouche. Atlas’ songs, 1968

16 – PERMIT OF STAY, Maria Rosa Jijon (Ecuador) In year 2004, 75 Latin American immigrants read 75 pages of the Italian Immigration Law, since then more than 30.000 people have been expelled from the country; this is a testimony of the reading and walking of unwanted foreigners who live in Italy. Voices : latin american community in Italy.

17 – DESIST / INSIST / PERSIST RESIST, Kai Syng Tan (Singapore) In an arbitrary space a person dances a violent dance. Is she a bullet that richochets predatorily? Is she floating or drowning in blissful defiance? At once agressive and tender, playful and didactic, the artist/actor resists interpretation and persists on, and on, and on…Music : extract from an original composition by Philip Tan

18 – RESISTANCE, Petra Bauer (Sweden) This is a film about contemporary resistance to power, the image and the historical mapping of the Same people. Thanks to Tova Mozard

19 – SISIFA, Graciela Taquini (Argentina)Sisifa is not only my alter ego, but the current, electronic and female version of the Greek myth SISIFA. Performer Anabel Vanoni; Camera Gaston Duprat; Cinematographer Axel Chaulet; Art Natalia Rizzo; Asistant Matias Tapia; Story board Marina Gonzalez; Production Television Abierta/Grata Producciones; Editior Andres Lapenna. Thanks to Escuela Argentina de Fotografia for the location

20 – A SHIP IN THE BATH-TUBE, Fatima Mazmouz (Morroco) Video falls under the project Mouton Land. It acts of one resistance against those which prevent the freedom of worship.

21 – N, Yue Liang (China) A distance I can feel sometime…

22 – THINGS OF GRAVITY: EXCESS, Myritza Castillo (Puorto Rico)The video basically works with the human being resistance to accept the life things and the impossibility to trespass some of those abstract existentialist things. Les Choses: gravité et excespresents the elements of water, gravity and the exercise to construct in an tangible manner the resistance to the things. Special thanks to Joel Pérez Irizarry.

23 – RESISTANCE, Bill Kouélany (Congo-Brazzaville)

24 – THE TRUTH ?, Rima Saab (Lebanon). Life in Beirut is becoming overcharged with political and cultural struggles. In our attempt to search for «THE TRUTH», dormant struggles aroused the most untruthful facts!

25 – BREAK, Brigida Baltar and Paula Daguer (Brazil). It’s about organizing time in order to do things like walking around a lake… or it’s about contemplation.

26 – FEMSLOGAN, Marilena Preda Sanc (Romania) Video Femslogan is based on a performance. We are writing on our arms and hands wellknown slogans used by political personalities during the elections but we changed the text and we transformed He in She. It is a pledory for the woman rights to be political leader also. Camera & digital processing Victor Velculescu

27 – RESISTANCE, Chantal du Pont (Canada) To plait my hair after to have lost them, that is a simple gesture to resist. Editing : Alexandre Mailhot / Audio : Martin Hurtubise

28 – RESISTANCE, Félicité Codjo (Sénégal)

29 – HAIR, Katia Efimova (Russia) We resist against our primal primitive roots, against our hair for progress in our civilisation

30 – FROM ONE SIDE TO ONE SIDE, Carolina Saquel (Chile). A motion of the belief

31 – DON’T PUSH ME, Natasha Dimitrievska (Macedonia) They Go Too Far to push us in the BOX, the resistance starts with you, to say NO. Main role: Vanja Dimitrova. Author&Camera: Natasha Dimitrievska. Editing : Ljubco Tanurovski

32 – RESIST, PROVE THAT YOU EXIST, Verena Schaukal (Germany)

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