UMA, 2015. Bronze, sandstone, h 42 cm

The essence of life.

What do I have to let go for the unmistakable to thrive?


ARTHA, 2015. Bronze, marble, h 47 cm

Take as much as necessary, but not as much as possible.


MARI, 2018. Wood base, «shou sugi ban“ technique, greek marble, redstone, h 137 cm

The eyes reveal the truth.


AMANITORE, 2016. Gypseous alabaster, h 34 cm

She was one of the black queens of the Nubian kingdom.



BECOMING, 2013. White carrara marble, matt finish. Swedish black basalt, mirror finish

rotating, total h 200 cm, total w 2768 kg

Everything is change. Nothing begins. Nothing ends.

The phase of germination.



BEING, 2016. Gypseous alabaster, h 51 cm

The unfolding of vital energy.


AMANITORE marble, 2017. Belgian marble, brushed oak base (white oiled finish), h 173 cm

It is senseless to look outside for what I cannot find within myself.


All photography was done by Elisabeth Grebe, except for No. 10, this was done by Arnold Walter


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